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Located in Mansfield, TX
A.W.F.T. - Alternate Wood Fuel Transport has been providing various industries with Alternate/Biomass Fuels (also known as Hog Fuel) for over 10 years. As well as Alternate Fuels AWFT provides raw furnish materials for the production of products ranging from Plywoods to high-end MDF for the manufactured lumber industries.
AWFT currently services Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and South-East Oklahoma with a current capacity to fulfill 15 loads daily dependant upon your company's needs. AWFT is capable of providing your company with it's Alternate/Biomass Fuels and Raw
furnish materials needs, customized to your applications ( i.e. size, grade, variation, quantity and application ), as well as providing out-going transport services for your company's finished product needs.
For more information about A.W.F.T - Alternate Wood Fuel Transport's Products and Services please feel free to call
1-800-586-8621 and speak with one of our representatives,
or simply email us to schedule a consultation.
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